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Sleese Warrior – Best Safety Boots by Singapore Standards

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The Warrior

Industry Performance Safety Boots with a Instantly Recognizable Classic Look

Your Leather, Your Armour, Your Character

The greatest thing we love about our leather is its unique ability to get better with age. Our oil resistant leather allows your leather to develop your character without wearing down. In time, it forms to your body and develop a rich texture, making it truly a pair that expresses your character.
Our Warrior Safety Boots comes in 4 distinct leather to truly represents your spirit. Fully handcrafted, no two pairs of Warrior Safety Boots are ever the same.

Honey Brown

For the urban and city roamer

Crazy Horse

For the wild and adventurous

Pull Up

For the classic and vintage lover

Black Cow Hide

For the inconspicuous and timeless

Anti-Fatigue Design

We all know that the extra few ounces of a boot can mean tired feet after a long day. We have designed our mid and insoles provide breathability, moisture transport, and long-term cushioning.
The ultra-breathable material forms naturally to the arch of your feet, supporting your feet every step to reduce shock for a smooth ride over any terrain. With its natural encompassing foam padded collar and tongue, this is how our Warrior Safety Boots get those miles under it’s belt without fatigue.

Superb Lateral Stability

Balance and stability is the key to controlling our feet’s movement with our body’s natural ergonomics. Our Warrior Safety Boots custom pre-moulded counter support is the secret to its amazing stability.
Anchoring your heels in our compression moulded padded collar, its’ rigidity and shock resistant counter support withstand and resist high contortions and bumps in your rugged daily and work activities.


Less Fatigue

5 Hours

More Walking Per Day


Padded Mid & Insole

The Best Boots Construction – Goodyear Welt

Despite time consuming, the Goodyear construction is considered the best method of shoe construction. We stand by our Goodyear welt construction process, which results in a pair of safety boots that lasts decades.
Our Goodyear welt construction firmly holds the inner and outer leather together, forming a micro layer of air membrane, while firming cementing the gaps between the outsole and the insole.
What you get, is an all weather water proof comfort, while allowing your feet to remain cool and dry all day long.

Industrial Grade Steel Cap

Our Warrior Safety Boots is the first that brings style and safety in one. Our Lightweight, asymmetrical industry grade steel cap meets GB21148-2007 impact, compression and safety standards.

A Warrior In Everyone

We have designed the Sleese Warrior Safety Boots to be in 4 classic and distinct leathers, each for your unique personality, character and spirit. We believe there is a warrior in everyone. Find your calling today.

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